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Trilabra Candleabra

Stands 3 feet tall made of solid
5/16" steel rod. with hand forged
wax catching dishes with hammer
marks left in..
Holds most tapered candles..
Comes finsihed in black
Custom finishes available ...
(candles not included)
Item #01-0111----------$49.99







Victorian Candleabra

Stands approximatly 5 feet tall. Entirely handmade of solid steel.
Holds 5 Three inch or smaller pillar candles in HAND HAMMERED wax
catching dishes Comes Finished in black Weighs approx 15 lbs..
(candles not included) MADE TO ORDER
Item# 01-0112 ------------$185.00





Stands 3 foot high holds three stick candles Made of solid

5/8" thick steel Hand forged wax dishes.

(candles not included)

Item# 01-0110-------------$65.00


Victorian Candleabra (2 1/2 feet)

Smaller candleabra made in the victorian style,Stands 2 1/2 feet high and holds 3 pillar candles. Made of 1/2 inch square and 5/16 round steel.with HAND HAMMERED wax catching dishes sturdily welded. Hand wrapped and bound at the scrolls with steel wire. Comes finished in black. Candles not included.




Milincoln Candle Stands

Three individual candle stands 3' 4' 5' tall made of 5/16" round solid steel finished in black, welds are hand wrapped with genuine leather and rabbit fur, ends of the leather adorned with beads and feathers. The fingers hold small, med, and large glass globes that hold handmade ball candles. These are decorated in a southwestern style and can be decorated to fit almost any decor..

These stands are entirely made and decorated by hand and are not made in bulk. They are made and decorated specifically for the owner..

For more information you can call me directly at 954-415-8274 or email me with a call back number to avoid long distance charges.

This is your chance to have your own unique custom made one of a kind that you can only get right here in the USA straight from the Artist...


Milincoln Candle Stands ...................

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