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This is a custom made stand that is made of High strength Marine Aluminum Alloy
This stand is deployed underwater, will support a 25ft PVC mast with NO Cables
Holds weights at the end of each leg to keep it firmly anchored in place
Aproximatly a 15 ft base that folds easily into approx 2ft

Custom Made Crash Bar/ Handrail

This bar is made of 1 1/4" Aluminum and it serves as a light duty crash bar to protect the motors and also handrails for divers
it is made from 2 continious lengths if tubing with cross members welded in place ,custom fit to the boat , mounted with stainless steel hardware

Tubular Towing Arch

(Shown here uncompleted) Is made of Marine Grade Aluminum alloy Custom Made to fit . Designed and Engineered to be strong and versatile allowing space to be utilized under and around arch to keep deck clear and free of obstructions When completed will serve as a towing arch and antenna tower..used for towing a large underwater sled for coastal surveying.


High Strength Towing Arch and Swim Platforms

Custom Made, Lightweight, HIGH Strength, and Removable Towing Arch and swim platforms with matching stainless steel fold up tree ladders. Made of Marine Aluminum Alloy. Decking is extrenly durable Starboard that is channeled for traction..Custom designed with a crash bar to protect the engines from damage.

Approx 1 year after completion This boat was in a 55 MPH accident on the highway while being trailered
and rolled over 360 degrees destroying the cabin and arch but although they were not designed to absorb that kind of force the swim platforms and crash bar survived and protected the engines and are now in use on the same boat

"The Coastal Crew in Captiva"

I would sincerely like to thank Coastal Planning & Engineering for all their cooperation and support.!


High strength Marine Alloy used to encase electronics for underwater tide monitoring and coastal surveying..

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