Everything you will find here is 100% handmade!

Solid Brass Sconces






Custom SOLID Brass Sconces *Shown here in various stages of completion* Entirely Handcrafted and are Approximatly 3 ft Long and weigh around 15 pounds Holds a decorative glass globe (glass globe not included). These were made to replicate an existing sconce (The dark one ) That was hollow..

Shown completed Holds a large glass vase with a candle in center..(on left) $1200.00 Each

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Hanging "S" Candle Holder Sconce
A 2 foot long rod holds up to 3 "S" shaped hooks that come in 3 different
lengths, with hand forged wax catching dishes. and are moveable on the rod
so you are able to organize them in any order you wish. (Votive candles included)
(Shown here unfinished)
Item # 03-0111 Complete Set --------$55.00

Entirely handmadeFOUR FINGER SCONCE

This cool European style sconce is custom made design that I created
for a personal friend of mine. Made of solid 5/16" steel with 1/8" thick
hand hammered wax catching dishes at the end of each finger with a candle
tube fashioned in the center. (Shown here finished in Metallic Teal)
(Candles Included)
ITEM# 04-0105 ------$39.95

sold in pairssold in pairsVICTORY SCONCES

(SET OF 2)Wall hanging sconces
hold either a Glass Terra cotta pot candle or
Glass Globe Candle mounts to the wall through loops in the top corners.
Made of solid 3/16" steel Comes finished in black Candles included.
Approx size 9 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 4 inches.
(Available in Custom Colors shown here finished in Antique Patina)
(Item# 04-0101----------(Set of 2) 39.00

Large sun Large Sun Sconce

Made of 3/16" solid steel hand forged and sturdily welded and Holds either a Glass Globe or Terracotta Pot Candle.
Comes finished in black. Glass and votive candle included.
Approximate size 15 x 15 x 5"
Item # 04-0103--------------$25.00
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Small Sun Sconce

Your uniquely made Sun Sconce is made of solid 3/16" steel
Comes finsihed in black.
Approximate size 13" x 13" x 4"
(Candle included) Globe color subject to availability...
Item # 04-0104 --------- $19.95

Crescent Moon Sconce

Made of 3/16" solid steel. Holding a glass Terra Cotta style candle or Glass Globe Candle.
Holds candle 2" inches from wall. Comes finished in black (candle included)
Item# 04-0108----------$9.95



Star Sconce

Star Sconce made of 3/16" solid steel hangs on the wall holds a glass globe candle at
least 2" out from the wall..
Shown here finished in metallic Burgundy with a blue globe and white candle
(Candle Included ) Globe color subject to availability...
Item #04-0107---------$10.95

Mediaeval Sword Sconces

24" X 6 1/2" X 4" Custom finsihes available..
(Candles Included)
Item # 04-0102-------------Set of 2 $65.00

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Hanging Hoop

Holds a 2 1/2" terra cotta pot, or globe candle, Comes finished in black. Wall mount on any vertical surface. Shown here displayed individually or three mounted on a post.
(Terracotta Pot Included)
Item # 06-0101-----------$15.00


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